About Us

Du-power has a high-quality, highly-educated R & D team, with years of software and hardware development and matching capabilities for powertrain cont...

Drive up with power

Company Introduction

Shanghai Du-power New Energy Technical Co., Ltd is an emerging technology company with technology research and development as its core. The company's product research and development field involves the front-end and back-end of the new energy industry, covering control and communication, battery energy storage, and conductive charging. The company is committed to the promotion of global new energy electrification, focusing on product research and development in terms of flexibility, convenience, safety, reliability, high efficiency and energy saving. Focus on product innovation in urban applications, power grid load reduction, and smart operations. The flexible energy storage charging station jointly developed with Volkswagen Group Components will provide innovative concepts for the development of new energy industries on all sides.

Talent Team

The company has a high-quality, highly-educated R & D team, has many years of powertrain control system software and hardware development and matching capabilities, and has a deep understanding of new energy vehicles.

Business Philosophy

In 2018, Du-Power New Energy established the mission of “enabling new energy and new travel” as its corporate mission, and insisted on promoting the progress of the new energy industry through technological innovation.